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Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t I hire my own experts?

We did the hard work of finding the industry experts that met our standards for customer service and ethics.   We manage the process from start to finish.  Also you don’t have the time to interview, manage and then pay the experts.  With ERG there is no need, we provide it all while you deal with your day to day task.  

What will a review of our expenses cost our company?

Our  review and recovery services have NO upfront cost. We earn a percentage of the savings. If we don’t find savings, we don’t invoice you.

What types of companies does Expense Recovery Group work with?

A sample of the type of companies we have worked with.  Small and large private and public businesses; restaurants, healthcare groups, nursing homes, banks/financial industry, law firms, retailers, building supply, oil industry, tire/repair industry, sports teams, non profits, education, religious,  Fortune 10 companies,  local and federal governments. Based on our process and experience we are able to work in most industries and for companies of any size.

How much time do you need from my staff?

Very little time is needed from our clients. We only need 1-2 month’s worth of invoices.  We are very respectful of your time.

Does it matter where my company is located?

No, we work with companies in all 50 states and Canada.

We have in-house staff that handles our bills and vendors. Do we still need you?

This is all we do so we have the advantage of understanding the best in-class pricing to make sure that is what you also have.  Our experts are focused only in areas that they have experience in.  Some of this experience is within companies that may be your vendors so we know where the mistakes are. This gives us an advantage of knowing how these companies operate. We know the unpublished discount rates, the negotiation policies and more. 98% of the time we find savings.

What happens if you review our bills and don’t find any savings?

That is the beauty of our model; if we review your bills, and find that you have no billing errors or ways to save money.  Then you can rest easy knowing that experts have reviewed your expenses and confirmed that you are paying as little as possible.  Which gives you the peace of mind that is needed in business knowing your expenses are as low as possible.  There is NO fee owed for our time and effort.

What if we don’t want to share any sensitive information with you?

We don’t ask for any sensitive or confidential information from you or your company. We don’t look into your company’s books or accounting records. All we need to see are the fixed-cost invoices from each of your locations and categories that we’ll be reviewing.

What are “best in class unpublished rates”?

Many times vendors will maintain availability of certain rates for specific clients and situations. They do not publish these rates since they are much lower than normal, but our industry experts can almost always access these unpublished rates for your business, providing for incredible monthly savings.

Will we have to switch to new vendors?

No. We are vendor neutral, meaning that we can find savings in almost any merchant-billing contract and we don’t want to change your vendor. We typically accomplish savings without changing your current vendors but will always check to see if better pricing terms are available from your vendor’s competition.

Is our privacy Protected?

Yes that is something we take very seriously. We never share information or mention our clients’ names unless we get permission from our client.

Will my staff feel threatened that they did not catch the mistakes?

No, they have their job to do; their focus is not solely on looking for errors.  This is all we do so we have the advantage of seeing these expenses from thousands of companies.

What if my staff has already addressed these areas internally?

Expense Recovery Group offers a risk-free means to verify your previous internal efforts. You pay no fee unless your company saves money as a result of our work and recommendations. History has proven to us that when a prospective client says that they have already implemented a cost reduction strategy, and we proceed to get engaged, we still have found savings. This is not a reflection of the quality of the client’s efforts; it is merely a reflection of our years of experience with proven cost reduction strategies.

How are cost savings calculated?

Savings are calculated as: Previous cost minus new cost.