Letter from the Founder

Let us Reduce your Expenses to Increase your Profits

My experience and passion as a serial entrepreneur is taking an idea and doing whatever it takes to make it a reality. I know how important it is to put together the right team and most importantly to execute.  I refuse to be out worked when it comes to customer service and satisfaction. 

I also understand the importance in business of keeping your expenses as low as possible. I have the right team to increase the bottom line of any size company faster by reducing their overhead then they can by increasing their sales.  Our team will put in whatever time and effort needed to make sure our clients are not paying one penny more than they should.  Without sacrificing the service they need and in most cases without changing vendors. Just as important our team will always keep ethics in the forefront.

In the late 80’s and 90’s  I was a founder, or co-founder of 4 successful companies in this space (Business Utility Auditing, Cost Reduction Consulting, Leasehold Analysis, Rent Research Consultants) In those years we were first in the space, or early where there was very little competition. So I am very comfortable and experienced knowing what it takes to help improve the bottom line of our clients.   

My first priority is my family; I also enjoy being a mentor for startups, as well as sit on boards of nonprofits, and volunteer for a number of charities.

We put in whatever time and effort needed to save our clients money to improve their bottom line, without sacrificing ethics. 

We will exceed your expectations when it comes to customer support and satisfaction; we refuse to be outworked!

Keith Grosz